Here you begin your participation in the COVID-19 National Resilience Cohort. 


COVID-19 National Resilience Cohort is a scientific study conducted by the University of Iceland, the Directorate of Health and the Chief Epidemiologist, with the aim of increasing knowledge about the epidemic’s effects on the well-being and lifestyle of Icelanders. The study is part of an international study project in this field and it is open to all individuals who are 18 years old or older and in possession of an Íslykill code (Ice Key) or digital certificate.


If you have not already read the information about this research we recommend you do so here before participating. 

In order to ensure your privacy it is not possible to participate without the use of Íslykill code (Ice Key) or digital certificate. That is how we ensure that no answers can be traced back to personal information.  Scientists who process the data will receive information in encoded form and therefore will not be able to trace the information back to you. The information collected in this research will only be used to create knowledge on this important matter.


If you do not have Íslykill code (Ice Key) or digital certificate you can read about them below and/or go to the participation page here and you find a link to sign up at the bottom.

rafræn skilríki stærri